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Mini Dental Implants Countryside, IL

Mini Dental Implants in Countryside, IL are a revolutionary new way for men and women to replace broken, damaged or missing teeth in order to enhance their smile. Until recently, traditional dental implants such as dentures have aided patients in replacing teeth in Countryside Illinois, however, mini dental implants offer many great benefits that these more traditional dental procedures do not. Achieving a beautiful smile has never been easier with this advanced dental technology.

Considering mini dental implants? Treatments with Dental Implant Dentist offer the following benefits to Countryside Illinois residents:

Simple, straightforward treatments. Mini dental implant treatments are simple mainly due to the size of the implant. Mini dental implants are about half the size of traditional dental implants; their size requires less bone structure to securely implant the dental prosthesis. During this innovative procedure, no incisions are required; instead, a small hole is drilled into the bone and the implant is then attached.

Simple means fast.. Compared to traditional implants, mini dental implant treatments at Dental Implant Dentist are quick and virtually painless; oftentimes they can be completed in just one quick appointment.

No downtime required. Because the mini dental implant procedure is less invasive than traditional implants, the post surgical problems associated are reduced to a great extent. No downtime is required post treatment and there’s a minimal chance of complications.

Lower cost. Possibly one of the greatest benefits of mini dental implants, besides having a beautiful smile, is the cost. Costs are quite low when compared to more traditional procedures, making this mini dental implants a great investment for those looking to perfect their smile.

Those men and women who are currently struggling with removable dentures, traditional implants, or have broken, damaged or missing teeth that they'd like to replace, mini dental implants in Countryside, IL may be just the treatment for you.  For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Dental Implant Dentist today and see if this revolutionary treatment is right for you.